How well do you know SAARC ?

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What is the full form of SAARC ? *

  • South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation

When was SAARC established?

  • 8 December 1985

What is the number of member countries in SAARC?

  • 8

Which country was the last one to join SAARC?

  • Afghanistan

Where is the SAARC secretariat located?

  • Kathmandu

When was the SAARC secretariat established?

  • 17 January 1987

SAARC Agriculture Centre (SAC) is in?

  • Dhaka

SAARC Cultural Centre (SCC) is in?

  • Sri Lanka

How many summits have been held?

  • 14

When and where was the last summit held?

  • Kathmandu, 26-27 November 2014
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  1. Bhutan is member of SAARC

    1. Yes, indeed Sonam .

  2. SAARC has been one of the key Organization to bring the South Asian countries in single platform and help each other in the development and other activities.

    Thank you for sharing such an wonderful details

    1. Thank you Basanta Ji

  3. Saarc is one of the greatest platform which brings students together across various countries.

    1. Yes, lets unite all

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